Sea Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable sea adventure with us as we take you on tours to the breathtaking Maltese islands of Comino and Gozo. Explore the wonders of these magnificent destinations by simply clicking on the “Book Now” button to discover the tour options available. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning sights of enchanting caves, picturesque coastlines, and the crystal-clear lagoon, all waiting for you to experience and cherish.


Type: Power Catamaran   Year Built: 2011   LOA: 23.95 meters   Engine: Twin Man

Experience Family Fun

Welcome aboard Sea Adventure, a 2020 twin-hull power catamaran, designed for your family adventure.

Key Features:

Bar: Enjoy drinks with a view.  Lockers: Store your items securely.  Toilet: Convenient onboard facilities.   Underwater Windows: Explore marine life.  Sun Loungers: Relax in the sun.  10-Meter Water Slide: Experience thrilling fun!

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Our Available Boat Trips

We anchor in the secluded Crystal lagoon for cave swimming, snorkelling and cliff jumping. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon in the Blue Lagoon.  Swim and snorkel from the boat or go ashore to have a hike around the island.

Do you prefer exploring? Then this  is for you. Have a short swim in the Crystal and Blue Lagoons, before we sail to Gozo. The charm of Malta’s sister Island is immediately apparent; it’s greener, more rural and smaller, with life’s rhythms dictated by the seasons, fishing and agriculture.

We have teamed up with operators in Gozo, to offer optional land tours to visit the island during your stop.