The Azure Window, a natural archway cut from the rocks by wind and sea is a popular destination to visit at Dwejra, where the surrounding waters are popular for swimming, scuba diving and boating. Furthermore, the famous HBO TV series Game of Thrones was partly shot with this stunning view in the background. In the first ever episode Daenerys Targaryen gets married to leader of the Dothrakis, Khal Drogo, right here on Gozo under a perfect blue sky.

8 March 2017

However, times have changed. The rocks already looked very different from twenty years ago. They were slowly decaying. Also, as you may know, we were hit by a storm last week.  On the morning of 8 March 2017 things did not turn out very well. It wasn’t just Malta that got the bad news about the Azure Window, but throughout Europe. Breaking news: The Azure Window had collapsed

The future of Gozo

In spite of losing such a landmark, Dwejra will still remain a touristic area. Gozitans are very saddened with the collapse of the Azure Window. Now, only the photos remain as a testimony of this touristic spot. Dwejra has lost the Azure Window but is still adorned with several other beauties, such as the Fungus Rock and the inland sea.