R.I.P. Azure Window

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The Azure Window, a natural archway cut from the rocks by wind and sea is a popular destination to visit at Dwejra, where the surrounding waters are popular for swimming, scuba diving and boating. Furthermore, the famous HBO TV series Game of [...]

Happy Saint Patricks Day

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Exactly one month ago we had the fantastic Carnival boat party hosted by the Exlusive team and tonight we are partying once again onboard the Sea Adventure celebrating St.Patrick's day; albeit a few days early!  St. Patricks day is a very [...]

Carnival Boat Party

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Gozo carnival is becoming quite renowned , so we couldn't think of a better way to start our season than a massive pre and post carnival boat party, it certainly won't be one to miss and has already sold out.  Now [...]

It’s official

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Our new glass-bottom catamaran has passed all her surveys (with flying colous) and is a now a fully fledged  Maltese commercial passenger catamaran.  A new standard has been set in Malta. This beautiful vessel offers a special experience and is equipped [...]

Happy New Year

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The warmest wishes from the staff and Management at Sea Adventure Excursions and we look forward to hosting you a board our new boat in summer 2015.  Blue Lagoon we miss you!

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