How to get to the Blue Lagoon from Malta.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get to Malta’s Blue Lagoon, which is located on the uninhabited island of Comino.

The Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist destination

The Blue Lagoon in Malta is a beautiful stretch of shallow azure-coloured water surrounded by four or five islets and Comino Island itself. There are very small sandy beaches on either side of the Blue Lagoon. One of the sandy beaches is on Comino Island, and on the other side of the Blue Lagoon, the sandy beach is on a small islet called Cominotto.

These two sandy beaches are about 100 metres apart, and the crystal clear azure-coloured water in between is known as the Blue Lagoon. The water here is very shallow, making it ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The Blue Lagoon is a popular tourist and local attraction because of this, as well as its outstanding natural beauty.

The Blue Lagoon in Malta with Cominotto in the background

Discover the best way to get to the Blue Lagoon from Malta

Since the Blue Lagoon is situated to the north of the island, getting there will take a long time, so prepare to spend the whole day there. There are several options on how you can get to the Blue Lagoon from Malta.

Option One by ferry crossing

The first option for getting to the Blue Lagoon from Malta is to take a local ferry from Cirkewwa, which is the nearest port to the Blue Lagoon. Getting to Cirkewwa by public transportation or car from the tourist hotspots of Valletta, St Julians, and Sliema will take up to 90 minutes.

Once at Cirkewwa, the crossing will take approximately twenty-five minutes, and in the summer, ferries depart every thirty minutes. 

Taking the ferry crossing from Cirkewwa is the cheapest option, and a return ticket will cost you €13 for an adult. The ferry will drop you off on Comio Island, and you will need to catch the ferry back according to their schedule.

As we stated earlier in this article, Comino is an uninhabited barren island. Once the ferry drops you off, there is little to no shade to protect you from the sheering summer heat. This is the biggest downside to going to the Blue Lagoon with the ferry.

The beautiful water of the Blue Lagoon in Malta

Option Two by hop-on hop-ferry

A hop-on hop-off ferry also regularly services the Blue Lagoon from Malta and departs from all the major tourist locations. A day return ticket is €15, and like the Comino ferry will drop you off on the Island and you are left to the elements.

The ferries are the cheaper alternatives but;

  • The ferry will leave you on the island without shade, which is essential during the hot summer months.
  • There are a few food trucks on Comino Island, but you will not find any lidos or beach bars. Therefore it might be a good idea to take your own food and drink.
  • There is one public toilet but make sure to take your own toilet paper!
  • Make sure you arrive early at the Blue Lagoon because it is a rocky island, and the best spots fill up quickly.

Option Three with the Sea Adventure boat trip

The last option to get to the Blue Lagoon from Malta is by an organised boat trip. Our catamaran, the Sea Adventure, is the most popular boat trip on the Island and departs from the Bugibba harbour once a day. A day ticket starts from €20 for children and €25 for adults. The boat trip is seven hours long, and for a small extra fee we can pick you up from near your hotel.

The advantages of taking a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon are:

  • You will not be left without shade or comfort on the Island of Comino since the boat will stay with you the entire time.
  • You get to use the boat facilities such as toilets, showers, underwater windows, sun loungers and much more.
  • The boat also has two bars that serve food and drinks.
  • The boat will also take you to the Crystal Lagoon, another lagoon on the Island of Comino.
  • Another advantage is that you explore Malta’s fantastic coastline and stop at some fascinating sea caves.
  • Since it’s an organised excursion, it’s more convenient and less hassle. We also really care about our passengers, and we want you to have the best day possible.
A young boy uses the Sea Adventure waterslide at the Blue Lagoon in Malta

To sum it up

Going to the Blue Lagoon with the Sea Adventure is slightly more expensive than the ferries; however, it is more convenient, a lot more fun, you get a lot more for your money, and you won’t end up frying in the scorching summer heat!

Have the best day out with the Sea Adventure catamaran

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