Coast, Coves & Caves

  • Enjoy multiple swimming stops in beautiful waters
  • Discover hidden coves and caves
  • Have a quieter experience with a smaller boat
  • Excellent snorkelling locations

Spend a half day discovering the coastline of Malta with its many bays, coves and secret caves that only a smaller boat can get to. This experience is perfect for those that want to get off the beaten track, have a quieter experience, and do not want to spend all day in the sun!

Within minutes of departing you will discover the picturesque fishing village of Xemxija and the white sandy beach of Mistra Bay. We will then pass close by St Paul’s Island where the apostle who brought Christianity to Europe was ship wrecked. As we head up the coast you will discover the wild rugged coast line of the northern coastline with its many beautiful bay’s, cliffs, coves and caves.

Our first 15 minute swimming stop will be at the secluded Imgiebah bay which has kept its wild beauty due to the difficulty of getting there. As we continue along the coast we will pass by Malta’s biggest sandy beach Mellieha bay.

The next stop is another hard to get to hidden gem – The Coral Lagoon which is a naturally formed roofless cave with crystal clear turquoise water. It is an incredible experience.

We then head to the Island of Comino where we will stop at Santa Maria caves which are known locally as the Pirate caves. They are a fascinating cave system consisting of gulleys, caverns, tunnels and caves. The area is well known as a snorkelers paradise, and you should expect to be mobbed by the banded sea bream.

  • Visiting 2-3 excellent snorkelling locations

  • Snorkelling equipment

    • Visit sea caves

    • Use of boats facilities

    • Boarding closes 10 mins prior to departure and seats can be reassigned.

      15 June –  24 October

      Check-in Opens 11:00 am
      Check-in Closes 11:20 am
      Departure Time 11:30 am
      Arrival Time 15:30pm


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      An aerial view of the Blue Lagoon, Comino.
      Sea caves in Malta


      About this tour

      • Check-in opens 30 minutes before departure.
      • Check-in closes 15 mins before departure.
      • Printed or mobile confirmations accepted.
      • Bookings will generally be confirmed within 48hrs. Urgent bookings will be handled before.
      • Special dietary needs must be given 24h hrs prior to the tour date.

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      “We had a fabulous time on the catamaran. It was amazing to swim in the Crystal Lagoon cave and the water at the Blue Lagoon is just so clear. The crew and the captain were extremely lovely and made everyone comfortable!”

      ELLA M, UK

      “The boat is comfy, big enough and you have ample time to enjoy everything they offer, including the boats underwater windows. They stop at Crystal Lagoon, which is perfect for snorkeling, using their huge slides and jumping into the water.”


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